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Hi, I'm Brenda

I am the editor for people who are afraid of being edited.

My intent as an editor is to be a thoughtful, skilled collaborator on your writing project, doing my part to help you get your writing dialed in and ready to release to the world.

My tone is conversational and friendly. I want you to enjoy your editing experience, and hope that you will feel encouraged and supported by the work I do for you.

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This editing experience for me was a wonderful and collaborative journey. You peppered your suggestions with humor which I really loved. Sloughing through edits can be such a painful and frustrating experience at times, and coming across humorous remarks took the edge off and made me smile. You were extremely communicative and provided me with a well thought out and easy to read report that did not break the bank on my end. And for that I am eternally grateful.

Being a writer that leans heavily in descriptive and flowery prose, I was worried you would hack up all my pretty passages. But instead you gently guided me to the areas that could be trimmed, and I took note with the results being a much cleaner body of work. When I started this project I knew I needed a keen eye that went beyond general grammar and punctuation, someone who could pick up on my redundancies and smooth out my pacing. You did just that. I couldn't have asked for a better editor for this story of mine. Thank you so much!

Jennifer Leigh Pezzano
Light Among the Shadows