Editorial Services

Partially a service and partially an investment in your education as a writer, a professional edit is indispensable, especially for independently-publishing authors.

While many authors will think they can't afford it, many more regret not doing it sooner, and say you can't afford NOT to, especially with your first books.


You see what you think you wrote.

You know what that scene looks like in your head, and only a fresh set of eyes will pick up on the fact that you've left out an important piece of information, or did not describe it as clearly as you envision it, or changed the heroine's dog from a pug to a pomeranian somewhere along the way.

Then there are your favorite words, phrases, or descriptions. They work so well in ALL the places—or do they?

A good editor will help you learn what to look out for in your own writing, and show you how to improve. AND, they've done all the hard work for you, going through your manuscript and pointing out all the places you need to use those new skills!

Software will give you some guidance for technical grammar and punctuation issues, but is no substitute for a real person, especially when it comes to fiction, which is not only technical, but also quite subjective.

Like a diamond, "to turn a phrase" means that a slight rotation can make a dramatic difference in how brightly it shines, the depth into which you can see, and the brilliance of the color. Enhance the clarity of your words with a professional edit.

Line Editing

More detailed stylistic editing, including rewording for clarity and flow. 

This two-pass edit is my most popular, and your best value.
I do the line edit first, and return the manuscript to you for revisions. Then I give it another going-over for a lighter copy edit to review any changes you have made and tidy up any remaining technical issues.
Includes comprehensive editorial report.

.01 – .02/word

Copy Editing

Basic editing of grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
Includes mini editorial report:   .008/word
No editorial report:   .007/word
Serial editing (Kindle Vella, Wattpad, etc.) :   .005/word


A final looking-over after formatting has taken place, to catch spelling, punctuation and formatting errors.

Don't know what you need?

Not a problem!  Let's talk about your project, your goals, and your budget. I can do a free sample edit of 1,000 words, and will note which edits would be considered line edits or copy edits so you can get a better idea of how I work, and I can get a better idea of what level of editing would best serve your writing. 

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